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"The PI"

David K. Wood, Ph.D.

“The PI”

David received his B.S. in Physics in 2001 at N.C. State University, and he received his Ph.D. in Physics in 2007 at the University of California, Santa Barbara. For his thesis, he worked with Andrew Cleland on all-electronic biosensors that could be used to detect particles, cells, and molecules in diagnostic applications. David began a postdoc at MIT in 2007, working with Sangeeta Bhatia. At MIT he has been working on a range of problems that use his physics background for quantitative measurements and building tools to solve fundamental problems in biology and medicine. He developed a high throughput platform for measuring DNA damage and repair, which is currently under commercial development. He has also developed the first quantitative biomarker for clinical severity in sickle cell disease. He is currently working on new technologies for studying cancer metastasis, multiplexed paper diagnostics, and a suite of synthetic biomarkers for disease. Beyond the lab, David runs the Engineering Genius Bar at the Koch Institute, which is an open forum for cancer biologists to ask engineering questions and to find engineering solutions to biology problems. David is a 2009 recipient of the NIH Ruth L. Kirchstein National Research Service Award and a 2012 recipient of the Mazumdar-Shaw International Oncology Fellowship. To date, he has published 11 papers in top journals and has several more on the way. His work on DNA damage and his work on sickle cell disease war featured on the MIT homepage, and his work on sickle cell disease was featured on the cover of Science Translational Medicine.


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